About us

Bloc PPE are an expert designer and manufacturer of healthcare solutions based in Northern Ireland.

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Trusted to protect

We are a fast-moving, quality-driven contract solutions provider. We manufacture PPE for healthcare workers, first responders and others who find themselves at the forefront in the fight against COVID-19. We use our problem-solving mindset and experience in product design and engineering to support essential workers with CE Certified healthcare equipment manufactured in our state of the art facility. We have established a trusted reputation for collaborative design and producing high quality PPE at scale and speed.

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Innovation: a powerful weapon in the fight against COVID

We've always been an agile company, using our ingenuity to overcome challenges, innovate better solutions and enhance people's lives. Our PPE strategy, launched within days of the first signs of COVID-19, is just one more way we've turned our engineering experience into a meaningful, positive outcome. It's backed by government, powered by our employees and welcomed by healthcare professionals across the UK and Ireland.

Bloc PPE Trusted Healthcare Solutions Manufacturing Clean Room Hub
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